CST Industries, Inc.


CST Industries, Inc.

cst-industries4Lenexa, Kansas-based CST Industries, Inc. (“CST”) is the leading manufacturer of epoxy and glass-fused-to-steel coated bolted and high-end factory welded storage tanks and aluminum geodesic domes and covers with six manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Europe.

With an operating history of over 100 years and venerable brand names that include Aquastore, Columbian TecTank, Conservatek, Harvestore, Slurrystore, and Temcor (among others), CST serves a diverse set of end-markets.

The Company’s products serve water and wastewater, petrochemical, power generation, minerals and mining, bio energy, industrial bulk and liquid, agricultural and other storage applications.

TGP invested in the company in May 2012 alongside majority owner The Sterling Group and other existing shareholders as part of a series of comprehensive recapitalization transactions. TGP has a high degree of confidence in CST’s current senior management team (led by CEO Declan McLaughlin) and believes that this equity investment helps provide the company with the balance sheet flexibility necessary to fully take advantage of its substantial growth opportunities over the near- to long-term.

For more information, see CST’s corporate website at www.cstindustries.com.