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DSI Dynamatic, LLC

6B-LOGO Dynamatic PNGSturtevant, Wisconsin-based DSI Dynamatic is the leading supplier of Eddy Current variable speed drives, brakes, dynometers, and controls to a range of industries.

Where process conditions demand adjustment of flow from a motor, pump, fan, or other machine, the company’s products help its customers save energy relative to other techniques for flow control by varying the speed of the equipment. DSI Dynamatic’s Eddy Current products are particularly well-suited to medium-voltage, high-horsepower applications and/or applications that have a high cost of failure or operate in difficult environments. Diverse end-markets include water and waste water, chemical and material processing, and other industrial markets.

TGP acquired a controlling interest in DSI Dynamatic in late 2016 in partnership with CEO Gary Cavey who joined the company simultaneous with TGP’s investment. TGP principals had prior experience with Gary during his tenure as CEO of a prior fund portfolio company, MAC Equipment (now MAC Process, part of the Schenck Process Group). With an 80-year operating history, strong brand name, and a reputation for providing quality products and service, the strategy going forward is to build upon this strong foundation to open-up the market for applications where Eddy Current variable speed drive and brake products provide the optimal variable speed control solution for industrial and municipal customers.

More information about the company can be found at www.dynamatic.com.