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Why TGP?

Partners with Management
TGP has the experience, the resources, and the reputation to help managers and entrepreneurs accomplish their goals, while maintaining their legacy. TGP will partner with the current management team; after all, this is the team that has successfully built and run its business. Our strategy is to support, not replace, great management teams. We will align financial incentives up-front so that everyone is focused on maximizing shareholder value. TGP will also provide the capital and additional resources as needed, to take the organization to the next level. We will provide board level support and strategic insight; however, we will not interfere with the management team’s execution of the strategic plan. And, TGP will reduce the current ownership’s risk by diversifying personal wealth and eliminating personal guarantees on bank debt.
Experience Reputation
The senior professionals at TGP have been collectively active in private equity investing for more than a quarter-century. Over this period, the principals have been involved in more than 30 transactions, including investments in such companies as Bear Creek Foods, CST Industries, DaVinci Roofscapes, Jami, MAC Equipment, SNI Companies, and Tru-Flex Metal Hose. The senior professionals at the Fund have a strong track record of successful investments in the private equity industry. This is due to our disciplined investment strategy of partnering with superior management teams and adding value to a deal through financial and strategic insights. We have numerous current and former management partners that are available upon request to validate our reputation for being a fair and value-added partner to the numerous companies in which we have invested.
Value Creation Finder Compensation
The Fund invests in opportunities that exhibit the potential to improve profitability over the long-term which, when combined with the appropriate level and structure of financial leverage, result in attractive returns on invested capital. The historical average holding period for investments made by the principals of TGP is in excess of five years – with a corresponding return on investment that ranks in the top quartile of those delivered by the Fund’s peers. The Fund’s preference is to identify investment opportunities outside of the investment banking auction process. To that end, we have created a unique compensation program for individuals and entities that introduce us to investment opportunities on a proprietary, or non-competitive, basis.