TGP Capital Partners, LLC Completes Investment in DaVinci Roofscapes, LLC

July 2006 – Kansas City, MO – TGP Investments, LLC (“TGP”), the manager of private equity investment fund TGP Capital Partners, LLC (the “Fund”), is pleased to announce the Fund’s initial investment in DaVinci Roofscapes, LLC (“DaVinci”), a manufacturer and marketer of synthetic shingles for the high-end residential and commercial building markets.

DaVinci is based in Lenexa, Kansas and was founded by John Humphreys in 1994. Mr. Humphreys has spent over 10 years developing a premier plastic synthetic shingle that mimics the appearance of authentic slate and wood-shake shingles. The product is maintenance free and has inherent cost saving advantages versus both slate and wood-shake shingles. Through his efforts, he created a process to manufacture synthetic shingles that are resistant to water and ultraviolet rays and have been designed to prevent material failure and fading. For more information regarding DaVinci, please see their website at

Shane Parr, TGP Managing Director, stated “DaVinci is a fast growing company that needed a high quality leader and growth capital to enable it to reach its strategic and financial objectives. Providing those two elements to complement the products developed by John Humphreys and the DaVinci team makes this an exciting opportunity for our investors.” The Fund expects to make additional investments in the company to support its growth objectives.

Following TGP’s philosophy of partnering with top-notch managers, Ray Rosewall was introduced to DaVinci by TGP in March of 2006, and was subsequently hired as the CEO in early May. Mr. Rosewall was formerly the CEO of Xantrex Technology, Inc., a manufacturer of power conversion equipment, which he helped take public on the Toronto stock exchange in 2004. Prior to that, Mr. Rosewall was the COO of Harmon Industries, Inc. of Blue Springs, Missouri, which was purchased by General Electric in 2000.

Kansas City-based TGP Capital Partners, LLC is a private equity investment fund formed to make investments in well-managed, profitable, and growing middle-market companies. TGP considers itself to be a sponsor of top-quality managers and management teams with a goal of maximizing management potential and, as a result, shareholder returns. The Fund seeks to make both control and minority equity investments in partnership with proven managers in manufacturing and business services companies with revenues generally between $20 million and $100 million.

For more background on the company and its products, please visit DaVinci’s corporate website.